Friday, March 2, 2012

Ways to reduce obesity


Obesity is one of the major health concern of people of all ages

 It is everybody's desire to have a healthy body without any obese nature but it has become very tough in this turbulent lifestyle to maintain such healthy body.

However, there are some tips which if followed regularly can reduce obesity to a large extend. Let us find out some common daily normal deeds which ultimately helps in reduce obesity.

1. First of all one should calculate the BMI to find out how much to lose. After that some short term realistic goals are need to be planned which if implemented can help in losing 2-3 kilos of body mass within a month.

2. The dietary habits need to be changed slowly. Foods causing excessive fats should be avoided as early as possible. One needs to keep the body hydrated and that is too by water and not by drinking juices, sodas or tea. Drinking a lot of water during the day will prove beneficial for weight loss. Having of a glass of warm water with a spoon of honey and lemon is a good option for weight loss.

3. Skipping of meals during the day is a bad sign. It may lead you to eating of fast foods as snacks which are prone to obesity. Instead, a regular meal with lots of vegetables, especially cabbage and tomatoes are healthy for weight loss. Instead of having oily or fried foods, eat grilled or boiled or baked versions of the same foods.

4. It is necessary to burn your extra calories which helps in increasing the fat in your body. So it is necessary to reduce slowly the calorie intake by 300 and increase the exercises which can burn up to 200 calories, like running, trekking, jumping. This will lead to loss of 1.5- 2 kg weight loss per month.

5. Eating of rice, refined flour and high caloric chocolates are not advisable for people those who are prone to obesity.

6. Instead of using excessive butter for frying, use of vegetable oil like ground oil, sunflower oil are highly suggested.

7. Some of the fruits which can effectively control obesity are pineapple, papaya and apples. Try to eat these fruits along with meals which includes salad and green vegetables like bottle gourd , Spinach , methi etc.

8. As for natural herbs are concerned, Aloe Vera herb is very effective in controlling obesity of the people. Black Pepper Powder when mixed in soup of foods help to control the excessive deposits of fat inside the body.

9. Ginger helps in reducing fat and so including it in daily meal recipes will help to reduce fat and keep cholesterol level in control.

10. Vinegar increase the taste of foods so mixing Apple Cider Vinegar to foods will both increase the taste and helps in controlling the weight.

11. Leading a stress free life with more optimism helps to keep your mind in peace and help to reduce your body weight.

12. Taking of Trifala powder with and having green tea or ginger tea also helps in burning fats and thus help you to become less obese.

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