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How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose ?

How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose at Home

Author: lachelle parsons

Stuffy Nose?
A stuffy nose (nasal congestion) can inhibit a person from doing his daily tasks successfully. If not treated quickly, a patient suffers from great discomfort including difficulty in breathing, headaches, sleep problems and overall stress. Though it is one of those common health concerns we humans regularly experience, a simple nasal congestion can become life-threatening. This is why it is crucial that we all find out how to get rid of a stuffy nose before it gets worse.
Many cases of nasal congestion are caused by allergic reactions, common cold or influenza, deviated septum, hay fever, rhinitis mediacamentosa, sinusitis, and viral infection. Young children and babies suffer from this condition the most. Compared to adults, infants are too young to understand the problem with their noses. They couldn't blow their noses, which ends up in difficulty in breathing. As parents, you are obligated to know how to get rid of a stuffed nose and also treat common sicknesses among toddlers.

Generally, we experience a stuffy nose through the cold winter months caused by being exposed to cold winds and air pollutants. A normal adult suffers from the common cold for at least three times a year, which may lead to nasal congestion. By learning how to clear a stuffy nose, you can relieve yourself from the uncomfortableness brought about by this problem.

Effective Ways on How to Clear a Stuffy Nose In One Day

Are you anticipating an important guest and you have stuffy nose? Do you have a meeting presentation with a big client? Then perhaps, these tips on how to get rid of a stuffy nose right away might help you feel better, breathe clearer, and talk wiser. By checking out these home cures on how to get rid of a stuffy nose, you can get rid of your nasal congestion and make a good impression to your boss and client.

1. Drink plenty of fluids. An amplified intake of fluids will help loosen the mucus making it easier to blow out of your nose. Be sure you stay hydrated.
2. Steam inhalation. If you don’t have a vaporizer, steam inhalation might do just fine. Put your nose over a cup/bowl of steaming hot water and inhale.
3. Eat ginger, raw onion, and garlic before bed time. These foods act as powerful antidotes to cold conditions.
4. Eat spicy food. Spicy foods like curries can make your nose runny making it easy to clear out.
5. Eucalyptus oil. Sniff eucalyptus oil or apply it over your nose, your neck or your chest.
6. Turn on the humidifier. A humidifier can moisten the air in the room. Dry air makes congestion worse.

How to Clear a Stuffy Nose with Sleep

Just be sure you rest and sleep soundly. Let your body to recharge itself and fully recover. If your nasal congestion is caused by fever or flu, be sure to have taken medicines as prescribed by your medical professional. There are lots of ways on how to clear a stuffy nose. But it will lose its effect if you don’t let your body rest. You will just end up experiencing congestion repeatedly.

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Verdi Laurent said...

I agree with the #1. By drinking lot of water can heal many disease, or so called as water therapy. Thanks for sharing this useful info.



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